What are you thankful for?

This Thursday marked Thanksgiving in the US, and while nobody really seems to celebrate Thanksgiving outside of the US, I was determined not to miss out on one of my favorite holidays. I made a plan to make a huge Thanksgiving dinner for myself and all my close friends here in Norway. I had nearly 20 people to cook for, and only myself, Inka, and Austin had ever experienced a Thanksgiving before, so I was determined to make it the best Thanksgiving possible for my friends. I rode a bus to Sweden to buy meats for the dinner; I  got four 1.7 kilo turkey roasts, and a single five kilo ham. I bought about 12 kilos of potatoes to mash, about 30 dinner rolls, made two dozen deviled eggs, enough salad to fill 3 large bowls, gravy for everyone, a massive dish of cornbread, two large bowls of corn, a huge sheet of stuffing (used two large loafs of bread as the base), two tubs of ice cream, and a very large tray filled with crackers and cheese. I started making the food the night before, went to bed, and then woke up at 8 am to continue making food. I cooked all freaking day, making more food in a single day than I ever have before by far. It was extremely hard to get everything made in just my kitchen with the limited supplies I had, and at one point my rooms electrical grid couldn’t handle having all four burners on in addition to the oven and kept flipping the fuse for the oven and stove off, so I had to quickly borrow a friends stove and rush two of the pots over to his room. We only have a single small table with four chairs in our small kitchen, so I managed to get two more tables and 15 more chairs into the kitchen, but there was literally no room left in the kitchen once we got all the tables, chairs, and people packed into the room. It was one of the most hectic things I’ve ever had to organize, and i’m really proud of how it all turned out. All of the food turned out amazingly, and I will say that the turkey and the ham were flat out the best turkey and ham i’ve ever had in my life. All of my friends had a really good time and I even managed to make more food than all 20 of my friends could eat. Thanksgiving was a ton of work, but I would do it again every year for my friends here and i’m really glad that I put together an amazing Thanksgiving experience for them! So all in all my first time coordinating and making a Thanksgiving dinner turned out really well and i’m quite proud of the result! But, I do have some more important matters at hand. Monday marks my first final exam here in Norway, and I have three more this next week. I will be doing nothing but studying for the next week undoubtedly, and I haven’t been able to find as much motivation to study as I usually did in the US. Luckily I don’t need to get all A’s over here, otherwise I might be in trouble, so i’m confident that I will do what I need to do. After this next week however I have some free time before my last final exam on the 18th of December, and I might be doing something fun like another short cabin trip. I’m looking forward to the little time that I have left here in Norway and i’m dreading end of my stay!

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