Snow in Trondheim

Well it’s finally started to snow here in Trondheim. Funnily enough it also started to snow in Iowa just a day later, but the Iowa snow is early whereas the snow here seems to be right on time. It’s snowed every day for the past three days now,and it has been the really nice snow. The type that is lazy, and slow falling, and seems to make the world slow down. Unfortunately it has come to the time of year here in Trondheim where I must focus on my exams. I have final exams from the 30th of November to the 18th of December, which is much nicer than having them all in one week like we do in Ames. However I am very nervous about some of my exams simply because all of my exams will represent 100% of my final grade in the classes. So there is a lot of pressure to perform well. One nice thing about exams here in Norway though is that they don’t bother to test you on your ability to take tests fast. In the US, many of my tests were designed to take all the time possible, especially in math classes. So often you have to rush through portions of the exams so that you can finish on time, which causes people to make mistakes and lowers the grades. While here in Norway they don’t have any more material on the tests, but they allow double the amount of time that US finals allow, which really helps to make the situations less stressful. The only thing that I really have to look forward to in the next week is Thanksgiving. Nobody in Norway celebrates Thanksgiving, but in the spirit of America I’m hosting a big thanksgiving dinner for all of my friends so they can experience the holiday! I plan on cooking all the traditional sorts of Thanksgiving meals and i’m even going to Sweden to purchase turkeys for the dinner. The only problem is that some ingredients are going to be hard to get over here and i’m really not sure ill be able to make everything that I want to (pumpkin pie is gonna be hard). So we will have to see how that ends up and hopefully I don’t turn out to be a terrible chef.

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