Post Arctic Adventures

We finished up our trip to the Lofoten Islands and it was one of the best/worst trips since I’ve come here to Trondheim. Starting with the bad: We had five guys and we rented a tiny hybrid car, were all very big guys. I’m 6’8″, and all of the other guys were over 6′ except for Austin. So we did not fit well at all. About every hour and a half we had to stop the car to rotate positions because of how painful it was. Secondly, we started driving at 11:30 at night, and we arrived at the home we were renting through AirBnB at 10 ish the next night, driving for nearly 23 hours. But we did have 3 hours of down time while we waited for the ferry, during which we slept inside the waiting room on tables and chairs that we pushed together. Then we also had the 3.5 hour ferry ride, which was nice and we could relax. But overall it was the most brutal day of traveling i’ve ever experienced. Now on to the great things about the trip (which far outweigh the bads): On the up way up to Lofoten we crossed into the literal arctic. We stopped at the arctic circle center, where it quite literally looks like the arctic. We took pictures there, explored the area a little, had a snowball fight, and then did some handbrake turns in the empty parking2015-11-06 08.12.22 lot which was covered in ice. The scenery was also quite beautiful from Mo I Rana north so we had plenty to look at. Shortly after we left the Arctic Circle center I was driving
when we were forced to stop and wait for a herd of reindeer to cross the road, the reindeer were not very skittish around our car at all and allowed us to get very close before wandering away. After our ferry ride that dropped us and our car off in Reine, we drove straight to our home. But while we were driving it was absolutely pitch black out. You could not see a single thing unless there was a light shown on it and the Lofoten Islands don’t really have any streetlights. So we had absolutely no idea what we were driving around. the next morning we woke up to what I think was the most beautiful sunrise that I’ve ever seen in my life. It was amazing to wake up to. While we were driving around that day we were constantly blown away saying “We were driving through all this last night and we had absolutely no idea?? wow”. We decided to that we were going to the mountain Reinebringen to hike up to the top. This was the mountain where just a week earlier an American man from Michigan had fallen off and died, and after hiking it I can comfortably say I can see why. The mountain was incredibly steep with loosely packed dirt and rock, and in the beginning you are actually just scrambling up a steep sheet of rock with a stream flowing over it, so you better hope your shoes had good grip. Then at the top you actually had to climb over a pile of rocks that was about 5 meters tall mostly straight up, however it was very easy climbing, just very slick. But we all lived and we got lucky with some clear weather for some really good pictures and sights. We spent the rest of the time driving around the islands and sightseeing, it didn’t even matter where you went because every single road had amazing views and I was blown away by how dramatic, and impressive it all was. I absolutely loved the trip up to the Lofoten Islands and I wish that everyone had the chance to go there, but either way check out the Flickr linked on the side for some pics from the trip.

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