Adventures in the Arctic

Tonight I’m leaving for a trip to the Lofoten Islands. We’re renting a car and driving straight through the night to Bodø, and then we will wait there for the ferry that will transport us to the islands. The islands are supposed to be extremely beautiful, so I am excited to get there and explore. But, just last week an American from Michigan died there after he fell off one of the mountains, so I’m probably not going to do anything too risky there. One aspect of this trip that I love, is that I am going above the arctic circle, which I think is extremely cool. When most people think about taking a vacation in November they think about warm places like Mexico or Florida, but my friends and I are going from a cold place to the literal Arctic. Even my parents question why I would want to go to these places since they are cold, but the beauty is something that you can never find in Iowa. Really the only thing that I miss about the Iowa geography is the openness of the land. But I’ve for the most part gotten over it since I’ve come to Norway and fell even more in love with the mountains than I already was. While Iowa really is a nice place to live, in terms of nature it has nothing on Norway.

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