Krakow and Halloween

I just finished my trip to Krakow, and I had a great time. It was only my two friends Austin, Nicole, and I. We took a train into the city and chose to stay in an apartment along the Wista River through AirBnB. The city of Krakow is incredibly cool and has a lot of history. They have castles, we ate in a 14th century cellar, and across the street from where we were staying you could see bullet holes in the older buildings from WW2 when the USSR and Germany fought over the city. We took a hot air balloon ride over the city and got a really great view that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to get because of the smog. But I think my favorite part of the trip was how cheap the food was. Coming from Norway where food is stupidly expensive and even a relatively normal meal at a restaurant will cost you the same as a weeks worth of groceries, to Krakow where they have the cheapest food I have ever seen in my life. I kept eating so much food there because suddenly I could afford it; and I loved it. Overall the Polish people were polite, but not overly nice, but they lacked the English proficiency that most other European cities  have. Still it was a really good time in Krakow even though we only spent 2 days there. Our flight back to Trondheim was supposed to be at 10 in the morning but shortly after we arrived at the gate they announced that our flight was delayed. Our flight ended up being delayed for 3.5 hours, but I still feel lucky because about half of the flights that morning ended up being canceled. Basically as soon as we got back into Trondheim it was time to prepare for Halloween. Halloween in norway is really only for the students so that we can all get dressed up in fun costumes and have a party! Although I was severely disappointed in Norwegian girls ability to dress for Halloween. Every third girl was wearing black clothes with a skull painted on to their face, and then another third were dressed up as cats in some way. But at least some of them managed to find other costumes, but only very few had anything that was creative. They guys were better at having creative costumes but skulls and black clothes was still way more popular than it should have been. But it really didn’t matter because I was with my friends and were all dressed banger for the night and we had heaps of fun at the party. Just for reference I was dressed just like Xena Warrior Princess, and it was an absolute hit with everyone.

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