Trip to Amsterdam!

I just got back from a trip to Amsterdam where I was in the city from Wednesday to Saturday afternoon with four of my friends. We stayed in a hostel while there and during the nights we went to the Amsterdam Dance Event shows. Amsterdam is unlike any city I have ever been in before. First off it was crazy busy all around the city, making the city feel very alive. The big thing though was the absolute blatantness of the more infamous aspects of the city, all the coffee shops, the red light district, and the erotic shops are all very much front and centered and you would have a hard time ignoring it anywhere in the city. Just very contrasting to me as all of these places tend to be tucked away in the US where the majority of people would never see them unless they were looking for them. I imagined that this would create a atmosphere where you would mainly see younger guys, with less girls and families. But I was incredibly surprised by the amount of families there, many of them not even putting in an effort to avoid the seedier parts of the town and just dragging their young children through them. Another thing that I really like about Amsterdam was just how every building was historical. While the buildings all looked like they were well maintained, they also all looked like someone had just taken a brand new house out of the 18th century and then plucked it down today. It really creates a cool vibe for the city and gives it a lot of culture and identity. Amsterdam is by far the most fun city i’ve been to in my life though and I would love any opportunity to go back.

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