Ohana means family

When I left the US I had gone through the long process of saying goodbye to as many friends as I could in the few days before I left, and that definitely isn’t fun, but at the same time it’s not all that bad really because as I was leaving I was about to do something that nobody close to me had ever done and go places that no one that I knew had ever been to before. So the excitement of all the unknown definitely made it not really a problem to say goodbye and get on my way. The last person from home that I saw before leaving the country was mom standing at the edge of the security gate, crying, trying to take pictures of me. So definitely throughout my experience so far in Norway I’ve had some times where I felt home sick, but it’s never really that bad because I can still talk to all my friends and family back home when I want to through the internet. But what helps stave off any homesickness the most is my family here in Norway. I found a really great group of friends over here in Norway and I love how diverse we all are but at the same time how we are all drawn to similar things even even though we span a dozen nationalities. But I think it’s going to be even harder to say goodbye to the friends I’ve made over here than the friends I had back home. Not because one group of friends is better or anything like that, just because I left my friends in the US knowing that I was going to see them in the not too distant future, but when I leave my friends here in Norway, it will be very difficult for me to see them again, and I definitely don’t imagine being able to see all of them in one place ever again. I wish it easy for me to say oh yeah i’m just going over to Europe, or Australia, or wherever today to say hello to some friends, but planes just don’t move that fast and that cheaply. And then again while I’m sure many of them will visit the US in the future, it’s a little bit difficult to convince someone visiting the US to visit central Iowa. So thats a bummer. But I do get a really nice visit soon. Next week I will get to see my dad for the first time since a couple days before I left the US. He is stopping by for a few days on his way back from a business trip to India. I don’t know exactly how it will play out yet but I imagine that when I first see him I’ll just kinda sit there staring with a stupid grin on my face for a while. After that I’ve got a couple day road trip planned out so that we can both go and see some of the more famous parts of Norway, but I think regardless of what we do it’s just going to be really awesome to see family from back home for a little while.

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