I guess this is really my first post about Norwegian people, and they have definitely left an impression on me here so far. What I have found here is that during the day, most Norwegians tend to keep to themselves and their close friends. But at night they can be some of the rowdiest, most fun loving, outgoing, and  casually insane people I know. Your typical Norwegian guy is tall (well maybe not to me), broad faced, with thick blonde hair flipped over to one side, fit and healthy, and very well dressed. Your typical Norwegian girl is tall, not usually broad faced, with thick blonde hair usually straightened, fit and healthy, and very well dressed. Can you start to see the patterns? Norwegian people are also in love with good summer weather, around Trondheim the summers usually don’t feel like the summers from Iowa. It still rains all the time and when it rains the temperature usually drops. So from my 2nd week in Trondheim through about the 5th week, the weather decided it wanted to be nice to us and cleared up with lots of sun and highs in the upper 20s (~80F) nearly everyday. The Norwegians all told me that it was unusually amazing weather for this time of the year, but I don’t think anyone could accuse the Norwegians of not taking advantage of it. During those three weeks I’m not sure any of them went to school or work, every single day was filled with barbeques and parties outside. Even if they were just waiting for a bus, they would lay in the grass besides the road with their shirt off and suntan. The Norwegians also seem to be very conscious of the environment, they do a much better job of recycling (well actually Europe in general seems to do a much better job than the US, we gotta step it up) and they really seem to love their Tesla cars. As a big Tesla fan, when I first came over here and saw a Tesla I was very excited, but I soon realized that it seems like pretty much anyone who can afford one here has one. I think it’s easy to see why the Norwegian people might be a bit more conscious of the environment though, because just about every nook and cranny of Norway finds a way to be very beautiful, and I’m sure just about anyone would feel very guilty if they messed that up. So overall I think the Norwegians deserve a round of applause for what they’ve managed to create as their culture, because they seem to have going for them right now.

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